Physical Security Assessment

A comprehensive physical inspection and evaluation of all security systems, controls, and their parameters in a particular public/private property, asset, or an organization is called physical security assessment. Generally, it is the combined process of conducting an intensive audit and analyzing the audit results pertaining to the entire physical security mechanism of any particular facility.

Regulatory and Compliance Auditing

We offer a comprehensive suite of Compliance Auditing Services ranging from security regulations to accounting and human resource compliance.


Business Process Consulting

We offer deep expertise in business process consulting - with our external consultant services, we assist businesses by assessing and analyzing the processes and systems they are utilizing for the purpose of improving overall efficiency.



IT Security

You wouldn’t want to fly on a plane or ride on a train that hasn’t had mandatory and regular safety inspections. You don't operate complex systems and machines without performing a readiness check of the critical components. Periodically assessing your IT security is an important part of any organization’s standard operating procedures maintenance plan.

Security is mostly an invisible attribute. We tend to set it up and then forget about it. But each of us has our blind spots, causing us to miss things. Our infrastructure changes over time, possibly opening it up to new vulnerabilities. And new methods of attack are invented daily, so what was secure yesterday may not be secure today.

Our IT professionals assess software, computer systems, and networks for vulnerabilities.  Once the assessment is completed, they will design and implement the best security solutions for the organization's needs.

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